Ruperto Alejandro

Class: Junior                      

Weight: 125

Birthday: April 11, 1989

                                      Hometown: Dallas, Texas.

                                                High School: Sunset




Hector Huante

  Class/Major: Junior/Art

  Weight: 133

   Birthday: January 17, 1989

   Hometown: Atizapán de Zaragoza, Mx.

   High School: Sam Houston





Tyler Harrison

Class/Major: Sophomore/Physics

Weight: 141

Birthday: September 21, 1965

Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ontario.

High School: Vista Ridge


 Accomplishments: In high school Tyler was a state qualifier and composed a career record of 118-44. Coming out of the Austin area, he is currently one of the team captains for the MAVS. During his 2010-2011 campaign Tyler was the SW Conference runner-up and a National Qualifier.

Other info: Tyler a physics major, who in has no hobbies.




Jacob Jezak

                                                Class/Major: Sophomore/Undeclared

                                                Weight: 149

                                                Birthday: September 30, 1991

                                                Hometown: Arlington, Texas.

                                                High School: Arlington




Ryan Heard


Class/Major: Sophomore/CSE
Weight: 149-157
Birthday: November 2, 1992
Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida.

Highschool: Dr. Ralph Poteet (Mesquite)


Other info: Ryan enjoys playing his ps3 and also loves motorcycles. He is also a big fan of mixed martial arts. Ryan is a tough asset in the room and is always ready to get in some ones face.



Yashin Robles


Class/Major: Sophomore/Mechanical Engineer

Weight: 149

Birthday: June 22, 1992

Hometown: Lima, Peru.

High School: Galena Park




Rafael Aquinaga

                                                Class/Major: Junior

                                                Weight: 157

                                                Birthday: July 28, 1987

                                                Hometown: Dallas, Texas.

                                                High School: James Bowie


Accomplishments: Rafael Aquinaga “Raf” compiled a 105-15 career record while competing for a dominant James Bowie High School back in 2005. 




Christopher Corry

                                Class/Major: Senior

                                                Weight: 165

                                                Birthday: July 16

                                                Hometown: Grand Prairie, Texas.

                                                High School: James Bowie


Accomplishments: Chris Corry (Fuzz) competed at James Bowie High School and captured 3rd at the State Tournament.



Jeshua Anderson

                                Class/Major: Junior/Criminology & Criminal Justice

                                                Weight: 165

                                                Birthday: August 6, 1990

                                                Hometown: Lawton, Oklahoma

                                                High School: North Star Academy


Other info: Before coming to UTA Jeshua lived in Yining, Xinjiang, China where he attended North Star Academy. Jeshua Has a phenomenal drive and is always ready to push the pace.



Alejandro Juarez


Class/Major: Junior/History

Weight: 165-174

Birthday: February 22, 1989

Hometown: Ft. Worth, Texas.

High School: Arlington Lamar



Accomplishments: In high school (A.J.) was a state qualifier at 171 weight class. During his campaign with Arlington Lamar he compiled a career record of 113-47. He was a four year letterman and a three year captain. He also qualified for free-style nationals by placing 2nd at the free-style state tournament. A.J. is curently one of the captain's and during the 2010-2011 season with the MAVS he was a national qualifier.

Other info: A.J. enjoys the theater and has performed in a number of plays and has completed about six years of acting classes. He is family oriented and has a son named Ethan.



David Espinosa

                                        Class/Major: Graduate

                                                Weight: 184


                                                Hometown: Grand Prairie, Texas.

                                                High School: Grand Prairie



Ivan Loya


 Class/Major: Soph./M. Engineering

 Weight: 285

 Birthday: June 5, 1988

 Hometown: Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mx.

 High School: Trimble Tech 

 Accomplishments: Ivan competed for the MAVS in the 2010-2011 season and was a national qualifier and showed a strong running at the national tournament advancing all the way to the round of twelve